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Glittering Stars

Senior Figure Skating

About Glittering Stars

Glittering Stars is Skate Toronto’s Private Figure Skating School that specializes in offering skaters a FreeSkate training program. Glittering Stars includes both skaters in the Intermediate and Senior figure skating programs.

Our recreational and pre-competitive preparation figure skating school is designed for skaters that are committed to making achievements throughout the Star 1 and Star 5 levels.

Skate Toronto Glittering Stars

Senior Figure Skating Program Structure

Skaters have a primary coach that they have general semi-private lessons with during which all FreeSkate skills are reviewed and practiced. Skaters then have a solo coach that works with them on their solo development, practicing their solo and monitors their solo components for test and competition preparation.

Additionally, each skater has an assistant coach that gives them private lessons to work with them on elements that have been identified through evaluation as areas which the skater needs more focus on. During this program skaters are prepared for Star Tests and Competitions from the Star 1 to the Star 5 level.

Senior Figure Skating Program Eligibility Requirements

Skate Toronto Glittering Stars

In order to be eligible for this program a skater must be no less than 10 years of age, have completed the Intermediate program (or it’s equivalent), have good work ethics, demonstrate a motivation and ability to making achievements, and must be willing to participate in and attend the minimum required hours of the program each season. Skaters may only be admitted into this program by application and by meeting the eligibility requirements.

To be eligible to continue in the Glittering Stars school skaters must meet the attendance and participation requirements each season.

Senior Figure Skating Program Skater Evaluation

During each season a trained evaluator evaluates each skater in their stroking, skating skills, jumping, spinning, field movement and solo component skill development. The results of these evaluations are then shared with each skater and their coaches. At the end of each season skaters receive a report card with the details of their evaluations and their scores.

Glittering Stars Weekly Program Schedule

Competitive Figure Skating Lessons Toronto
Intermediate Figure Skaters Senior Figure Skaters
  • Thursdays: 5:00-8:00PM
  • Jump Class, Field Movement and Conditioning Class, Creative Skating and Technical Aspects of Figure Skating
          Int Program Contents
  • Saturdays: 5:00-8:00PM
  • Small Group Format
    For Skaters FreeSkate I to VI
  • Tuesdays: 4:00-7:00PM
  • Jump Class, Field Movement and Conditioning Class, Creative Skating and Technical Aspects of Figure Skating
          Snr Program Contents
  • Saturdays: 6:00-9:00PM
  • Private and Semi-Private
    For Skaters Star 1 to Star 5

    Glittering Stars Group Activities

    Competitive Figure Skating Lessons Toronto
    • Program Assisting - Skaters get to work on their leadership skills by assisting coaches during the tots program. Skaters help tots get on the ice, learn to stand up and take their attendance.    Calendar
    • Off Ice Classes - Skaters participate in conditioning class, learning the technical aspects of figure skating and practicing elements off the ice to improve their co-ordination, motor skills and abilities for figure skating.
    • Formation Skating - As a group, skaters perform a variety of formation skating exercises in combination with the skating elements that they have learned.

    Glittering Stars